ACDI Opportunities

Opportunities at, or through, the ACDI will be listed here as and when they are available.

Senior Researcher in Climate Change and Health

Deadline: 14 March 2024

The African Climate and Development Initiative at the University of Cape Town invites applications for the position of Senior Researcher in Climate Change and Health for appointment as soon as possible. Eligible applicants should be 3 years post PhD.

The Senior Researcher will lead research in the Climate Risk Lab on attributing human health impacts to climate change, predicting short-term and long-term climate change impacts on health, and informing adaptation responses. This is a great chance to join a growing interdisciplinary team doing actionable research.

The role includes development and oversight of research, advising postdoctoral fellows and students, and actionable research activities such as supporting climate change decision-making at national and international levels. This is an ideal opportunity for a researcher with an environmental health, public health, climate change or other relevant scientific background to work at the intersection of climate and health.

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Four (4) Postdoctoral Research Fellowships available at ACDI's Climate Risk Lab

The Climate Risk Lab, at the University of Cape Town is seeking four (4) Postdoctoral Research Fellows (PDRFs) to work within the climate change risk sector.

  1. Climate Change and Biodiversity: Impact Attribution and Prediction for Enhancing Adaptation Action
  2. Climate Change Impacts on Education and How to Adapt
  3. Climate Change and Health: Impact Attribution and Prediction for Enhancing Adaptation Action
  4. Climate Change Impacts on Sport and How to Adapt

The PDRF will be highly motivated to work as part of a transdisciplinary research team, grow their research expertise, engage with decision-makers in the sport and climate sectors, and generate peer-reviewed publications.

Application deadline: 04 March 2024 or until the position is filled


Pathways of change in the social response to climate change in unequal societies in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America13 - 14 March 2024 This transdisciplinary forum aims to advance the understanding of pathways of change in social responses to climate change. The forum invites abstracts, session and poster submissions from researchers and practitioners at all career stages to understand pathways of change in Southern Africa and Latin America. The meeting format caters for in-person exchanges with partial online streaming at the conference facilities at Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business in South Africa.Click here to view details about the conference and how to submit your call OR visit the website for updates and announcementsExtended Submission Deadline: 02 February 2024


Using Design Thinking to Create Innovative Solutions for Climate-Related Issues in South Africa

The African Climate and Development Initiative (ACDI) together with the Hasso Plattner School of Design Thinking at UCT (d-school Afrika) and the Bertha Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship are publishing a call for Expression of Interest from organizational teams working in the climate change space. Teams will participate in a bespoke programme integrating Design Thinking and Systems Innovation for practitioners. The programme includes a 5-Day Design Thinking in Practice workshop with the aim of co-creating human-centered innovative solutions that address real life climate-related issues of your choice. Some teams, where deemed suitable will be selected for the Systems Entrepreneurship Incubation Track in which they learn more about embedding a solution in society.

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Where will the Design Thinking for Climate Solutions Programme take place?

The venue will depend on where the applying team resides. For example, if your team is based in Grahamstown, then the coaching team and organizers will travel to you and arrange for the programme to take place in a venue in Grahamstown.

What are the dates for the Design Thinking for Climate Solutions Programme?

We wanted to be flexible as we understand teams may have other commitments. Hence, we ask that each team indicate options of their availability during the period Dec 2023 – September 2024.  We will assess a team’s availability against our availability and negotiate a suitable date for undertaking the programme.

Does the Design Thinking for Climate Solutions Programme require you find you own team?

Yes, you will need to find people to work with and decide on a challenge you want to tackle. These can be people within or outside your organization, ensure that this is a South African based organization.

Design Thinking is best practiced within a team, offering multiple perspectives for collaboration and co-creation. You will need between 5-12 people to be eligible. The Design Thinking for Climate Solutions Programme is run separately for each team, giving a team individual attention. We work closely with each team to help them understand the challenge and find appropriate tangible solutions using Design Thinking and Systems Innovation.

What about the Entrepreneurship Incubation Track?

The Systems Entrepreneurship Incubation Track is an added element to Design Thinking for Climate Solutions Programme and is the available selected teams.

Successful teams will undergo the Design Thinking for Climate Solutions Programme during a 5-day period. During this period, we will assess the team’s eligibility for the Systems Entrepreneurship Incubation Track which should take place approximately 4-6 weeks after completing the Design Thinking for Climate Solutions Programme. This Track is a great opportunity for a team to engage with Systems Entrepreneurship experts and learn about embedding their solutions in society.

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