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  • Webinar and Workshop on Climate Resilient African Landscapes

    The severity of interconnected socio-economic and environmental impacts on landscapes and people across Africa are exacerbating as a result of land degradation, conflict, poor governance, competition for land and inequality, exacerbated by climate change. In pursuing pathways towards a more resilient future, collaborative and multi-stakeholder governance and management of landscapes have been promoted by government agencies, NGOs and conservation organisations as a possible solution. However, there is no single way to achieve effective collaboration, and different landscape projects have experimented with different entry points and engagement processes. The ARUA Centre of Excellence in Climate & Development as part of a ARUA-UKRI Partnership and Network (SPaN) project aims to investigate different approaches to engagement and collaboration through a special webinar which is grounded in the Special Issue on “Collaboration and Multi-Stakeholder Engagement in Landscape Governance and Management in Africa: Lessons from Practice", published in the Land journal. The webinar will be followed by a workshop which will identify knowledge gaps and priority needs for the development of a short course that addresses the discussed priorities through effective stakeholder engagement approaches and techniques.

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  • Solar Radiation Management Research Symposium

    This workshop is an introductory discussion on the topic of solar radiation management geoengineering (SRM). SRM is a theoretical proposal for reducing some of the risks of climate change by reflecting away some sunlight, for instance by spraying reflective particles in the upper atmosphere. The 2-hour session will introduce the science and socio-political implications of SRM and will feature presentations from the University of Cape Town (UCT) team members.

    The second part of the meeting will be dedicated to discussions among the participants, first in small groups, followed by a plenary session to conclude the event. The small groups of invite-only participants will review the risks and benefits of SRM and consider how the Southern African region should engage with the issue.

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  • SDG Africa Summit 2021 Thematic Track 4

    Achieving the SDGs and Agenda 2063 across Africa requires new ways of generating and acting on knowledge that recognises the complex, interconnected nature of development and environmental challenges, whilst acknowledging varying perspectives, values and interests amongst actors and groupings within society.

    Transdisciplinary (TD) knowledge co-production and co-design is a promising approach to facilitate this. Yet, considerable challenges and barriers to working in such ways persist. This thematic track draws on experiences from existing TD initiatives to characterize the scholarly, institutional, and practical challenges and identify key levers to pave a way forward for successful TD research across Africa in pursuit of meeting the SDGs and Agenda 2063.

    Here you'll find the resources and recordings from the workshops which ran during June and July 2021, in the lead up to the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa Summit (13-15 September 2021). These events are hosted by the University of Cape Town, in partnership with three university networks: the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA), the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) and the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN).

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  • Workshop on Climate Change Curricula for Lecturers in Africa

    The field of climate change is relatively recent and changing rapidly. Developments in climate science and impacts research, new findings on the intersection of climate change with various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), changes in how we conceptualise climate change and development, and shifts in the policy landscape - all pose challenges for lecturers to keep the content of their curricula up to date. New teaching tools and approaches are emerging as lecturers grapple with these and other challenges in higher education across Africa. The African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) Centre of Excellence in Climate and Development (ARUA-CD) was awarded funds through UKRI for Strengthening Projects and Networks (SPAN). Part of this award aims to build the capacity of lecturers to review their climate change Masters curricula and incorporate new developments in climate change research and curriculum innovation.

    This three-part series of workshops will support lecturers with reviewing their curricula and keeping it up to date in terms of content and the teaching approaches. These workshops are intended to support lecturers to learn from one another’s experiences of teaching climate change and provide tools to review climate change curricula. Reviewing and updating curricula can either happen continuously, or through an intensive once-off or regular review.

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  • Workshop on Resilience and Equity in the Berg-Breede Catchment

    This workshop series is part of a larger DST/NRF Community of Practice (COP) in Social Learning and Sustainable Development (SLSD). The Berg-Breede workshop series is intended to deepen our understanding of transdisciplinary (TD) practice by exploring the tensions and successes that researchers, students and non-academic partners have experienced through engaging in TD or interdisciplinary research in the Berg-Breede catchment and other spaces. From this exploration we hope to develop lessons and tools that can better prepare post-graduates and early career researchers for engaged TD research in these complex and sometimes tense settings.

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