Yonela Twani

ACDI Masters Student

Yonela Twani, born and bred in Port Elizabeth, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography from the University of Witwatersrand and recently completed a BSc Honours in GIS from UCT. Developing an interest in sustainable development during a visit to Krugersdorp in their third year, Yonela became aware of the unsustainable handling and discard of mine tailings left as mine dumps, which released harmful substances into neighboring townships, affecting residents' respiratory health. With a background in spatial and remote observation skills, Yonela's research interests focus on utilizing these skills to find sustainable ways to reduce carbon concentrations in the atmosphere, known academically as carbon sequestration. Dreaming to merge roles as a Climate Change and Sustainability Consultant with those of a Geospatial Analyst, Yonela aims to contribute to environmental solutions.