Professor Stephanie Midgley

Prof Stephanie Midgley
Stephanie Midgley is a researcher and project manager in agriculture, food security and climate change. She holds a PhD in Botany and an MScAgric in Horticultural Science, and has worked on climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation since 1992. Her experience includes contributions to the Western Cape Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, Uganda water climate change strategy, leading a Lesotho agricultural climate change adaptation project, leading the research focus of the Regional Climate Change Programme for Southern Africa, compiling Namibia's Second National Communication to the UNFCCC, and project synthesis publications for the FAO. More recently she led projects on spatial climate risk and vulnerability mapping for the Zambezi and Limpopo River Basins, and a food-energy-water nexus project focused on the Berg River catchment in South Africa. She is currently managing an ACDI-led consortium which is developing a climate change response framework and implementation plan for the agricultural sector in the Western Cape. Stephanie is particularly interested in taking a systems approach to issues of resource management and sustainable development, and integrating environmental, social and economic needs. She focuses primarily on how to build resilience and adaptive capacity in the southern African context, but recognising the need to integrate this with the development of low-carbon growth pathways.