Mosibudi Molokomme

ACDI Masters Student

Mosibudi's deep love for the natural environment permeates her life, influencing her creative, spiritual, cultural, and academic pursuits. Her journey as an environmental advocate began with Greenpeace Africa, where she grasped the interconnectedness of humanity and the planet through global environmental issues.

As chairperson of the Wits Climate Justice Charter Organization, she honed her commitment to catalyzing change and advocating for intersectional environmentalism and social justice. Mosibudi is now dedicated to safeguarding vulnerable communities. Her research focuses on innovative strategies and frameworks for private sector involvement in climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation in South Africa.

Her goal is to mobilize significant private sector investment, fostering lasting partnerships between the private sector, government, and local communities. Mosibudi eagerly anticipates collaborating with like-minded peers and engaging in a comprehensive curriculum at UCT, enabling her to contribute significantly to environmental conservation and socio-economic resilience.