The Case For Inclusive Governance: Empowering The Urban Poor To Adapt To Climate Variability

11 October 2017 - 2:00pm
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Paballo Chauke
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Associate Professor Gina Ziervogel will be presenting a webinar on her paper which argues that inclusive governance is necessary if the urban poor are to adapt to climate risk. When city officials and the urban poor collaboratively govern environmental risk, transformative capacity can be strengthened. Ziervogel argues that in order to achieve inclusive governance, three components are needed:

1.A longer-term transformation vision;
2.A cross-scalar response to climate adaptation that includes both city level and location-specific institutions and actors; and
3.Acknowledgement of the distribution of power between local government officials and the urban poor.

This approach, that includes the urban poor as central actors in the development of adaptation responses, places non-state actors squarely in the decision making and implementation space. This is urgently needed to underpin transformation. Drawing on two cases from different urban contexts in South Africa, this webinar will explore the extent of inclusive governance in the everyday practice of responding to climate variability at the interface of local government and the urban poor. 

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