2015 Masters Students


 Emma Baker 
 Previous Qualification: BA (Hons) in Geography, University of Exeter, UK
 Supervisor: Hilton Trollip
 Thesis title: Alternative socio-economic development trajectories in Ghana

Shayan Barmand
Previous Qualification: B.A. in International Relations, University of San Diego’s Institute for Peace and Justice
Supervisor: Mark New
Thesis title: Implications of development on South Africa's "safe operating space"

Alexa Brown
(South Africa)
Previous Qualification: BSc honours degree in geography, Wits University
SupervisorChris Lennard
Thesis title: Comparing historical marine and terrestrial based wind data at the south western Cape of South Africa from 1843 - 1854.


Julia Elaine Davies 
(South Africa)
 Previous Qualification: Honours degree in Environmental and Geographical Science, UCT. 
 SupervisorGina Ziervogel
 Thesis title: The science-policy interface: integration of science in the development of national CC policies in SA


Tarik Dessouki (Canada)
SupervisorKevin Winter
Thesis title: An Assessment of Ground Water Quality used for the Irrigation of Edible Crops in the Philippi Horticultural Area


Mercy Njeri Gicheru
Previous Qualifications: Bsc. Disaster Mitigation and Sustainable Development, t Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology
Supervisor: Peter Johnston (main) and Marie-Ange Baudoin
Thesis title: Barriers and Enablers to the Adoption of Climate Smart Agricultural Practices. A case study of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Mwea Irrigation Scheme, Eastern Kenya

James Irlam
(South Africa)
Previous Qualifications: Master of Philosophy (MPhil)Epidemiology, UCT, Bachelor of Science (BSc)(Medical)(Honours), Biomedical Sciences, UCT
Supervisor: Mark Zuidgeest 
Thesis title: Barriers & Facilitators for Increased Cycling Mobility in Cape Town

Peliwe Jubase
(South Africa)
Previous Qualifications:  Bsc (Hons) in Ocean & Atmospheric Science, UCT
Supervisors: Mark New (main) & Modathir Zaroug
Thesis title: Climate extreme events

Kelly McLeod
Previous Qualifications: Physics Honours, University of the Fraser Valley, Canada
Supervisors: Bruce Hewitson (main), Chris Jack, and Tristan Hauser
Thesis title: Investigating the value of local-scale rainfall simulation in mountainous topography: A case study in Stettynskloof Dam


Molly McMahon
Previous Qualifications: International Studies and French, Miami University
Supervisor: Shari Daya
Thesis title: The relationship between social identity and ethical eating in Cape Town


Steffanie Musingarabwi
Previous Qualifications: Bachelor of Social Science degree in Geography & Environmental Studies, Monash University
Supervisors: Martine Visser (main) and Adelene Africa 
Thesis title: A assessment of time stress and time use pattern impacts on well being


Edigio Mutimba
Previous Qualifications: Agronomy, Eduardo Mondlane University
Supervisors: Marie-Ange Baudoin (main) and Martine Visser
Thesis title: Identifying opportunities to better integrate climate variability and change into rural microfinance services in Mozambique: the case of Maputo and Limpopo The Identifying opportunities to better integrate climate variability and change into rural microfinance services in Mozambique: the case of Maputo and Limpopo development corridors


Frank (Richard) Prouten
(South Africa)
Previous Qualifications: BSc in Geology, Leicester University
Supervisors: TBC
Thesis title: TBC

Katherine Smit
(South Africa)
Previous Qualifications: Bsc.in Environmental Science and Ecology (UCT) and Honours in Biodiversity and Ecology (Stellenbosch University)
Supervisors: Nadine Methner (main) and Laura Pereira
Thesis title: Understanding commercial and smallholder farmers’ climate resilience in winter and summer rainfall regions using a scenario based approach

Delfim Vilissa
Previous Qualifications: BSc in Agronomy from the Eduardo Mondlane University in 2006. 
Supervisors: Mark New (main) and Marie-Ange Baudoin
Thesis title: Vulnerability of Horticulture producers to Climate Variability and Change: The case of Boane District, Mozambique