Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation

Whilst climate change can and must be mitigated to some extent, the effects of climate change will undoubtedly be felt in many parts of the world. It is acknowledged that the poor will be disproportionately impacted by the projected climatic changes,  as poor communities are often characterised by high levels of economic and social vulnerability, and have high levels of exposure to environmental risks. Futher they often have a very limited capacity to adapt to, and recover from, these impacts. In light of this, the African context is one that can benefit greatly from research relating to vulnerabilty of ecosystems and people, the impacts that may be felt and options that are available to ensure that adaptaive capacity and resilience are increased. ACDI affiliated research in this research category is diverse, but includes research on the impacts faced by various ecosystems, fauna, flora and especially vulnerable people groups. There is also a focus on science communication, ensuring the most relevant and accurate climate science is available, accessible and understandable to those who need to make decisions relating to climate change adaptation.