Prof Johan Jansson talks on "Dealing with climate change: A question of morality?"

African Climate and Development Initiative Seminar: "Dealing with climate change: A question of morality?" with Associate Professor Johan Jansson, Director at Research Institute for Sustainability and Ethics in Business (, Umeå University in Sweden, and a recent associate with the School of Management Studies at UCT.

Experts, scientists and philosophers (indeed, even the Pope) have argued that climate change is a moral matter. However, there are several issues with climate change that make it hard for many to view it as such. In order to better understand how climate change might be related to morality findings based on the Moral Foundations theory will be discussed. These include the association of felt personal obligations to deal with climate change with moral foundations concerning Care/Harm, Fairness/Cheating and Authority/Subversion, as well as the implications of persons with specific moral character having a higher inclination to deal with climate change than others.