Volunteers needed for the Hot Birds Project


The Hot Birds Project is looking for one or two students to join the Weavers TV team (in other words, to assist us with video analyses). The work includes the rigorous collection of behavioural data exhibited by captive sociable weavers such as social behaviour (association & dominance interactions) and heat stress behaviour (panting). 

Each group of sociable weavers has been exposed to different climatic conditions in order to test whether hot temperatures may impact the structure of their social networks. 

The students will be able to work either from home or at UCT (best to have two monitors) and should be able to commit for a minimum of 15 hours of video analysis per week.  Although video analysis is recurrent and highly demanding in term of concentration, this volunteer position is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in the collection of behavioural data and to work in close collaboration with the inter-disciplinary Hot Birds Research Project team.

The Hot Birds Research project investigates physiological and behavioural impacts of climate change on birds and their ultimate consequences on population persistence.

Further information can be found on their website: hotbirdsproject.com and on Facebook.

If you are interested in this position, please send a CV and a brief motivation to Dr Margaux Rat, margaux.rat@gmail.com