Fulcrum Institutions and Sustainability Programme

The Environmental Security Group work within the Centre for Criminology to understand how the governance environment shapes environmental risk and societies exposure to it. In particular, the Fulcrum Institutions and Sustainability Programme is a three-year South African National Research Foundation (NRF) ‘Global Change, Society and Sustainability’ (GCGC) grant. The progamme is investigating the governance of environmental change and how society is, and can, adapt to the myriad threats presented by climate-risk both in South Africa and elsewhere. The programme explores how ‘fulcrum institutions’, those institutions with the capacity to lever large-scale societal change, can be enrolled to help realise sustainable solutions in the face of global environmental change. The ‘fulcrum institutions’ initially under investigation include the global insurance and financial industries, local municipal governments and the key commercial resources industries. The programme draws upon mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with key stakeholders within each of the sectors it engages as well as research partnerships with a number of academic institutions and non-profit organisations. Based on promoting reciprocal partnerships, the programme's outputs not only include academic publications, but also an active contribution to policy development as well as a broader engagement with civil society.