Alexa Brown

Alexa Brown completed her MSc with the ACDI in 2016. She was instrumental in the creation of the student Climate Action Project initiative which now functions as a climate focused Green Campus Initiative portfolio. She is working with Zoe Visser, project designer and coordinator at the ACDI, on funding strategies for the ACDI and the Adaptation Network. This includes horizon scanning for funds, strategy development and creating new channels of communication.

When Alexa isn't in the office, then she is rather running, sailing or chasing sun sets around Cape Town. Alexa is a busy body because "to rest, is to rust". 

 Alexa feels that she has a lot to learn from all the expertise at the ACDI and their wider network, and is delighted to be involved here. Ultimately she would like to facilitate high level to grassroots level decision-making in South Africa, around smart solutions for climate action and sustainable development. For now though, her mission is to learn everything!