Leigh Cobban

Training and Capacity Development Portfolio Manager
Climate change vulnerability and adaptation, rural livelihoods, agri-food systems, NGOs, sustainable development, project coordination and development

Leigh is responsible for coordinating and developing the Training & Capacity Development Portfolio at ACDI. This means overseeing the existing program of courses, exchange programs and capacity development research, and helping to conceptualise and develop new programs. She has worked on a scientific capacity development study to inform Future Climate for Africa (FCFA), and is working on the SARUA Masters Curriculum Innovation project (led by ACDI) and Green Skills (led by Rhodes University).  

Leigh’s MSc (Rhodes University) assessed rural vulnerability to climate change and HIV/AIDS by analysing livelihoods and household assets. She previously focused her academic studies on sustainable development, environmental history in South Africa, the NGO sector, and agri-food systems. She has worked in academic, private and non-profit organisations in South Africa and the United Kingdom.  Prior to joining ACDI, Leigh worked in London on a government loan programme which supported and trained new small businesses and entrepreneurs,

Research Project: