Professor Ralph Hamann

Research Director: Graduate School of Business
Sustainable enterprise; corporate citizenship and social responsibility; organizational strategy; cross-sector collaboration
Associate Professor Ralph Hamann

Professor Ralph Hamann at the UCT Graduate School of Business, is one of ACDI's three new Research Chairs, and leads a team of researchers looking at why and how organisations contribute to transformations to sustainability.

His students and post-doc have been investigating the embedding of sustainability culture in large corporations, organisational sensemaking of their social-ecological context, and cross-sector collaboration.

Ralph's other research interests has included organisational and governance responses to complex social and environmental problems, and his research group focuses on themes including business and climate change, company-community relations, food security, and cross-sector collaboration.

Ralph has also been a founding Director of FutureMeasure, a company that provides a web-based sustainability performance management system (developed initially for Woolworths); a co-founder of the Southern Africa Food Lab, a multi-stakeholder initiative in support of food security; and a Director of the Cape Town Partnership, known for its contributions to urban development strategies and initiatives.

 Ralph's selected achievments include:

  • Rated as an “established researcher” by SA’s National Research Foundation; has around 1300 citations counted by Google Scholar
  • Research Director of the UCT Graduate School of Business, 2010-2014
  • Founder and chair of conference series on “The Business of Social and Environmental Innovation,” 2011-2013, resulting also in an edited volume published by Springer and UCT Press
  • Founder and chair of the Southern Africa Food Lab, recipient of UCT’s Distinguished Social Responsiveness Award for 2012
  • Founder and academic director of the Network for Business Sustainability (South Africa)


Tel: +27 (0)21 406 1503