Professor Clifford Shearing

Environmental and physical security with a focus on the development of theoretical understandings that can be used to enhance the quality of security governance, risk and regulation.
Clifford Shearing

Professor Clifford Shearing holds professorships at the Law Faculty, University of Cape Town, Griffith Criminology Institute, Griffith University, Australia and   the School of Criminology, University of Montreal. He leads the Global Risk Governance programme (GRG), within the Law Faculty, hosted by the  Institute for Humanities in Africa (HUMA). There are two principal research foci with the GRG namely Environmental Security and Development and Risk.  In addition the GRG supports an active Social Responsibility hub that focuses on supporting emerging women leaders concerned with enhancing environmental security and reducing developmental risks.  Shearing also co-leads the New Securities programme within the Griffith Institute of Criminology.

A major focus of Shearing’s academic work has been on broadening boundaries of criminology with a primary focus on security governance – and more recently on criminology’s role in responding to challenges posed by emerging environmental risks.