Tania Katzschner

Lecturer: City & Regional Planning, Department of Architecture, Planning & Geomatics
Transformative change in natural resource management; urban nature; transdisciplinarity; and blending scientific data with intuition, common sense, indigenous knowledge and qualitative research
Tania Katzschner


Born in Germany, Tania Katzschner has lived and worked in South Africa since 1991 where she is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of City & Regional Planning at the School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics, University of Cape Town. Prior to that she was based at the City of Cape Town working as a senior manager and project co-ordinator in the Environmental Resource Management Department. She is trained as a City and Regional Planner, and has professional experience as a social and environmental development practitioner working towards social-ecological change and transformation. She has worked with local government, parastatals, the private sector, NGOs, and conservation agencies. Her research interests are around human nature relationships, urban nature, governance, democracy, people, and futures. She is currently registered as a PhD student in the new Environmental Humanities programme at UCT, an interdisciplinary space exploring how we understand the relations between humans and the environment.

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Working in different sectors has nurtured her fascination with in-between spaces and bridging different disciplines, knowledges, perspectives and ways of being in the world. Tania loves socially transformative practices that bring more life, more warmth, and more charge. She is preoccupied with reconnecting ecological questions to an expanded sense of care, responsibility and obligation which is considered critical in examining questions of sustainability, human well-being, shaping positive environmental futures and engaging climate change/ climate violence.

With this passion and commitment Tania has been involved in the Bergrivier Climate Knowledge Network (CKN) which is an exploration and ACDI partnership seeking to develop innovative means to support inter- and transdisciplinary interactions between researchers from different disciplines, and between researchers and practitioners. It is her hope that such a project and initiative will help push thinking about sustainable development, climate change, justice and equity in new directions challenging current conceptualisations and developing new hopeful and transformative ones.

Contact:  Tania.Katzschner@uct.ac.za