Arthur Chapman

Arthur Chapman is an independent consultant in climate change adaptation and disaster risk assessment, with a background in hydrology and water-resources management.  He holds a M.Sc. in Hydrology and has 27 years of professional experience.

He is the Technical Leader on the PROSUL project: Thematic Study on Climate Change and Adaptation Responses for Horticulture, Cassava and Red Meat Value.  Similar recent projects include climate change vulnerability and adaptation assessments and systems analysis in the Limpopo River basin – Resilim, as well as the Pilot Project on Climate Resilience:  Assessment of climate resilient livelihood options in drought prone areas of Mozambique, Gaza Province.

Arthur is also advising on flood early warning and water resource management systems in the Mahanadi River basin, eastern India, in a project on climate adaptation in South Asia.  He is part of an international team working on the region-wide impacts on, and adaptation to, climate changes affecting hydropower generation in the Zambezi River basin and energy demands in the wider Southern African Power Pool. 

Arthur has worked extensively on the impacts of climate change on southern African (SADC) water resources, human health, development status and impacts and risks in urban environments.  Research interests include the application of extreme value statistics to climate variables with reference to human and ecosystem vulnerability.  He is a co-author and author of numerous technical reports, scientific papers and book chapters.  Arthur is an Associate at the Institute for Futures Research (IFR) of the University of Stellenbosch and the Cape Town based consultancy OneWorld Sustainable Investments.

Research Project: