Anton Cartwright

Founder of PACE (NPO), and Researcher Credible Carbon and African Centre for Cities
Economics of climate change, low carbon urban development in Africa. Climate change risk.


Anton is an economist with Masters degrees in Development Economics and Environmental Change and Management respectively. Anton is currently completing his PhD at the University of Cape Town exploring the interface between economic theory and the green economy. Anton's work focuses on the application of economics to Africa’s urban transition, green finance, environmental degradation and poverty alleviation and the implication of these issues for the discipline of economics itself.

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As an economist he has consulted on Africa's emerging green economy, sustainable urbanisation, climate change adaptation, carbon mitigation policies, bioenergy, sustainable trade and integrated water resource management. In 2010 he joined ACC to head their Climate Change City Lab, a role that saw him become the Mistra Urban Futures Researcher on the green economy in Cape Town. Anton continues to be a senior associate of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, and is a founding member of PACE, a not-for profit organization developing poverty alleviating carbon trading projects in southern Africa.

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Anton is currently lecturing on the ACDI masters programme and collaborate with ACDI on a number of projects (including SmartAgri, SARUA, WRC Berg River, and Uganda New Climate Economy). He is also supervising a student (Jacob Muller) on ACDI's WRC Berg River project.


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