Dr Kirsty Carden

Research Officer - Urban Water Management research unit, Department of Civil Engineering, UCT
Urban water management and service provision, Sustainability assessment in water management


Dr Kirsty Carden has a BSc (Chemistry), an MSc (Applied Science in Civil Engineering) and a PhD (Civil Engineering) all from the University of Cape Town. She has over 25 years of experience working in academia, for government and the private sector in the field of water quality management, and is a Fellow of the Water Institute of South Africa. She has been a researcher in the Urban Water Management research unit in the Department of Civil Engineering at UCT since 2004, and was appointed as the unit’s Research Officer in 2013. Her research interests include: urban water management and service provision; sustainability assessment in water management; and integrated approaches geared towards sustainable urban development and water sensitive cities / settlements.

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All of the research undertaken by the Urban Water Management research unit relates to the sustainable management of water in a developing nation like South Africa; as well as in the context of a changing climate, and issues of water scarcity. The main focus of the research is on sustainable drainage options and the potential for exploring alternative sources of water using stormwater, groundwater and wastewater for a range of fit-for-purpose uses in an urban context.


Tel: +27 (0)21 650 5317

Email: kirsty.carden@uct.ac.za